BONE Lab Personnel

Danyal Siddiqui

MS Bioengineering (UTD, 2016)


After joining the BONE lab in May of 2014, I received my BS in Biomedical Engineering in May of 2015 and my MS in Biomedical Engineering in August of 2016 from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). My previous work was focused on improving the corrosion and wear performance of biomedical alloys (titanium and cobalt chromium) employed in orthopedic implants using multi-functional coatings of novel compounds known as ionic liquids.
As a PhD student, my research efforts are directed toward emerging alloys (titanium and titanium-zirconium) in dental implant applications. Specifically, I intend to perform a comprehensive characterization of these alloys in terms of mechanical behavior, cell growth and adhesion, early- and late-colonizing bacterial biofilm formation, corrosion behavior, and tribological performance. Also, I plan to investigate the effects of detoxification procedures on these alloys and study the surface features of retrieved ceramic implants.
Aside from my lab activities, I have served as the treasurer for the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) chapter at UTD since February of 2015. In my hypothetical free time, I would enjoy volunteering and playing soccer in addition to tutoring and breeding freshwater fish.

Sutton Wheelis

MS Bioengineering (UTD, 2017)


I received my BS in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2015. In my senior design project my team and I constructed a gait simulator of the human hip that could be used as a more consistent test method for lower limb prostheses. I am currently working towards my Masters in Biomedical Engineering here at UT Dallas. I work with dental implants, in particular studying the effects of decontamination treatments on the surface of titanium implants and it's effects on cell adhesion. I will be starting several other different projects with dental implants in the near future involving failed retrievals and analyses on newly designed implants. I love this field because it allows us to integrate engineering concepts ( materials, mechanics) with biology to improve healthcare. In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading, movies, and trying to enjoy running.

Alexandra Arteaga

MS Molecular Biology (New Mexico State University, 2013)


I received my BS in Biology with a minor in mathematics from the University of Texas at El Paso in May of 2010. I also received my MS in Molecular Biology from New Mexico State University in May 2013. I am currently in the MS program, but pursuing to get a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas. I joined Dr. Rodrigues’ BONE lab in the spring of 2018. My current work focuses on analyzing metals that are commonly used in orthopedics in simulated diabetic environments. In the near future, my work will focus on characterizing surfaces of retrieved orthopedic/dental implants through in vitro testing by using spectroscopic, microscopic and electrochemical techniques. This work will help us better understand reasons why implants have a higher failure rate in diabetic patients, and can lead to surface modifications for more successful osseous healing. In my free time, I like to play tennis, swim, lift weights, and ride my motorcycle.

Bhuvana Lakkasetter Chandrashekar

MS Bioengineering (University of Texas at Dallas, 2020)


I received my BS in Medical Electronics from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering in 2016, India, Bangalore. I'm currently working towards my Masters in Biomedical Engineering here at UT Dallas. I have been a part of Dr. Rodrigues' Lab since summer 2018. I will be working on Re-passivation of titanium surfaces post detoxification with citric acid and also the biological effects of the same. In my free time I enjoy singing, sketching and playing flute. It has been very exciting to be a part of this lab and I'm looking forward to learn more!

Sareda Schramm

MS Biology (California State University, 2018)

I began working in a microbiology lab during my time as an undergraduate at California State University Fullerton. I enjoyed the projects immensely and my mentor Dr. Soledad Ramirez encouraged me to continue my work as a Masters student. During my masters I was given the opportunity to move to Jena Germany to start a collaboration project with Dr. Loren Tuschscherr de Hauschopp at the Institute for Medical Microbiology. The project involved working with both mammalian and bacterial cells and I greatly enjoyed the new challenge. When starting my PhD program at The University of Texas at Dallas Dr. Palmer and Dr. Rodrigues presented a collaboration project where I would be able to utilize the skills I gained in Germany. The laboratory experience and lessons learned working on collaboration projects will ultimately help me achieve my career goal of working for the United States government in biodefense research. Time spent outside of the lab is occupied with fishing, wakesurfing, paddle boarding and being an activist for rescue dogs.

Lidia Guida

BS Bioengineering (UTD, 2019)


I became a member of Dr. Rodrigues’ team in May 2017 and after obtaining my BS of Biomedical Engineering in May 2019, I was driven to continue my research and joined Masters in Biomedical Engineering Program here at UT Dallas. My undergraduate research focused on effects of multifunctional ionic liquid implant coatings, implant surface properties, surface modification and characterization techniques. During my graduate studies I will work on development and assessment of novel immunomodulatory orthopedic implant coating, designed to modulate post-implantation immune response and to promote osseointegration and bone tissue repair in diabetic conditions. I aim to characterize immunomodulatory coating morphology and interactions with Titanium implant materials, and to assess effects of the coating on the proliferation, differentiation and cytokine expression of mammalian and immune cells in vitro. Aside from my research and studies, I enjoy playing piano, reading, gardening and spending time with my family and friends.

Shruti Natarajan

BS Biology (UTD, 2020)


Hello! My name is Shruti Natarajan and I began to work under Dr. Rodrigues' lab as a Clark Scholar in Summer 2016. I began working with growing cell culture on titanium plates and observing cellular responses. Currently, I am currently pursuing a DDS degree at Texas A&M University in Dallas. I love to play piano, and travel around the world. I also work as a lifeguard and am an active American Red Cross volunteer. I am excited to do more dental research under Dr. Rodrigues in these upcoming years!