The BONE Lab (Biomaterials for Osseointegration and Novel Engineering) is part of the Bioengineering Department at The University of Texas at Dallas. The mission of our lab is to foster interdisciplinary biomaterials research for translational applications in orthopedics and dentistry. We seek to develop novel biomaterials for use with implantable devices and bone-contacting interfaces to address current problems related to in vivo implant performance and interaction biomaterial-implant-body.

Orthopedic and dental implants are intended to provide long-term restoration of function and pain relief. Despite the success achieved with current procedures, factors related to implant design, implant longevity, and a younger and more active population has led to a significant number of failed implantations. Clinical performance has driven optimization of materials and techniques for use in vivo. Understanding of interactions biomaterial-implant-body is essential to ensure clinical success.