BONE Lab Personnel

Shruti Natarajan


Hello! My name is Shruti Natarajan and I began to work under Dr. Rodrigues' lab as a Clark Scholar in Summer 2016. I began working with growing cell culture on titanium plates and observing cellular responses. Currently, I am a biology major at UTD. I love to play piano, and travel around the world. I also work as a lifeguard and am an active American Red Cross volunteer. In the future, I hope to go to dental school and pursue a DDS. I am excited to do more dental research under Dr. Rodrigues in these upcoming years!

Alikhan Fidai


Hey! My name is Alikhan Fidai and I am transferring into UTD for Biomedical Engineering this fall. I was placed in Dr. Rodrigues' lab as part of the LSAMP research fellowship. I am currently studying bacterial adhesion on biomaterials used for dental implants. I love spending my free time volunteering as a camp counselor and content facilitator for a number of programs aimed towards positive youth development. I am really looking forward to expanding my knowledge base through research under Dr. Rodrigues.

Smriti Natarajan

My name is Smriti Natarajan and I began working in Dr. Rodrigues’s lab in Spring 2019. I am currently working on understanding and studying bacterial adhesion on dental implant materials. Working in the BONE Lab has helped me learn a lot about my field as a pre-dental, biology student at UTD. Along with working in lab, I love to play the piano, read, and volunteer in my community and around campus. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in dentistry and get my DDS! I really look forward to learning and doing more research under Dr. Rodrigues.

Yutika Ineni

Hi! My name is Yutika Ineni and I joined the BONE Lab in September 2019. I’m currently learning about dental cements and observing the effects of detoxification procedures on dental implants. Outside of the lab, I have a black belt in karate, I volunteer at underserved free clinics, hospice centers, IRC Dallas, and the Comet Cupboard, and I’m involved in organizations like CometTHON. In the future, I hope to attend medical school. I can’t wait to continue learning and researching under Dr. Rodrigues!


Former Students