BONE Lab Personnel

Jenny Qu

Hi! My name is Jenny Qu and I started in the BONE lab during the fall of 2018. I began my time in the lab by working with bacterial and cellular responses to multi-use dental healing abutments. As a senior, I am currently studying orthopedic implant surface modifications to improve healing. I spend my free time drawing, reading, and hanging out with friends. I hope to attend dental school after graduating and become a practicing dentist!

Smriti Natarajan


My name is Smriti Natarajan and I began working in Dr. Rodrigues’s lab in Spring 2019. I am currently working on understanding and studying bacterial adhesion on dental implant materials. Working in the BONE Lab has helped me learn a lot about my field as a pre-dental, biology student at UTD. Along with working in lab, I love to play the piano, read, and volunteer in my community and around campus. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in dentistry and get my DDS! I really look forward to learning and doing more research under Dr. Rodrigues.


Former Students